Tree Star Thanks

It isn’t (always) easy having a big evergreen tree growing in your yard. It is appreciated.

“Tree Star” thank you medals and cards have been delivered to 50 homes in NE Portland.

The clusters of tall evergreen trees in the neighborhood where I walk my dog always make me feel good.  These big trees provide many benefits such as: temperature cooling, carbon sequestration, habitat and beauty, but there are things that aren’t so great like needle and branch drop, shading and the amount of space they take up. I’ve wanted to say thank you to the people who live here for a while.

Medal materials: Douglas fir branches collected in Alberta Park that had been dropped during a windstorm; hemp string; recycled glass.

“Tree Star Thanks” is first in a series of “Thank You Projects.’ All are invited to create Thank You Projects and post them to #thankyouprojects.